About Us

Plants improve good mood

Plants make us happier, stronger, more creative and we develop our creativity. They work to purify the air we inhale. But there is a lot for us in all of our new urban living. And we assumed: why not let the plants outside in? We believe everyone deserves to receive their own private plant wonderland.
And, we hope your original plant is easy to find

Plant from maxbase comes with clear plant care instructions, and immediate contact with our specialist plant team when you need help. It’s our vow to be there in every inch of the process. Our notion of becoming a seed parent is as beautiful as the seeds themselves. To grow new plants, researchers are here to study various types of seeds.


Our goal is to build the learning environment as beautiful as the plants themselves, of ideal potted plants. Maxbase is the origin that strikes a balance between farms and individuals, offering good services customised to your personal taste, climate and expenses.